Division Staff

Shirley, Dr. Jessie - Acting Superintendent of Schools
Miller, Greg - Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources
Watson, Christie - Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Executive Assistant
Sass, Kerrie - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Moffat, Brenda - CEC Secretary
Carrell, Clint - Information Systems Administrator
Tolentino, Arlene - Information Systems Assistant Administrator
Arellano, James - IT Technician
Camba, Norman - IT Technician
Goodliffe, Neil - IT Technician
Wilcox, Tamara - Transportation Coordinator
Georgson, Jane - CEC Secretary
Russell, Lori - CEC Secretary
Human Resources
Juniper, Julie - Human Resources Officer
Coffin, Mark - Director of Facilities
Napier, Duncan - Facilities Coordinator
Georgson, Jane - CEC Secretary
Russell, Lori - CEC Secretary
Theisen, Darryl - Electrician
Burke, Shawn - Plumber
Cardinal, Leo - Maintenance Personnel
Helpard, Robert - Maintenance Personnel
Education Leadership
Helm, Lisa - Instructional Coach
McDonald, Rochelle - Instructional Coach
Rich, Amanda - Literacy Lead Teacher
Rochon, Jennifer - Levelled Literacy Intervention Teacher
Snoble, Cheryl - Instructional Coach
Tapson, Laura - Supervisor of Faith Life
Student Records
Lavalley, Dawn - Student Information Officer
Inclusive Education & Early Learning
Chauvet, Henri - Director of Inclusive Education
Lauck, Roger - Director of Teaching & Learning
Napier, Chantel - Supervisor of Early Learning
Ticheler, Paula - Early Learning Classroom Support Teacher
Nestibo, Chelsea - Secretary Treasurer
Macmullin, Nicole - Director of Finances
Fuerzas, Carol - Accounting Clerk
Loughead, Ashley - Accounting Technician
Payroll and Finance
Clarke, Christine - Payroll Officer (Support Staff)
McNaughton, Natasha - Payroll Officer (Teaching Staff)
Tremblay, Adam - Communications and Marketing Officer