Typically during the school year, Bus Passes will be available for pick up, at your child's school 1-3 days after we've processed your bus application.


Bus Passes are required to be used as of the 1st day of school.  At the beginning of every school year, bus passes are available at the schools one (1) week prior to the first day of School.


The Public & Catholic Boards have implemented a NO-PASS, NO-RIDE rule.   Ensuring your child(ren) have their passes PRIOR to leaving your home will avoid any inconveniences it may cause. 


If your bus pass has been lost or stolen, your child can sign out a Temporary Pass from the school office up to a max of 5 days. If it has been lost the night before, the parent is required to transport their child to school where the child can sign out a Temporary Bus Pass from the school office until another bus pass is printed with the child's name on it.

Due to the Grande Prairie area being very transient, in addition to high rates of the changing needs of students, we remove all riders from their previous year bus routes.
All urban and rural students who wish to be regularly transported (except Peace Wapiti & Peace River School Division riders), are required to reapply every school year.  This ensures your child is assigned a seat and issued a valid current school year Bus Pass. This keeps our registered passenger lists clean and updated.
Parents can be referred to our Student Transportation portal to follow the three (3) steps on how to apply for busing.

Previous year bus passes such as 19-20 & 20-21 and 2021-2022 have all been deactivated and should be shredded or deposited in the black mailbox, located at the front entrance of our building (12138 101 Ave) where we can shred it for you.  You may also send old passes to your school to be disposed of.

Yes, as part of our ongoing safety measures, all students requiring bus transportation (except students transported by Peace Wapiti & Peace River SD) MUST have a bus pass to board the bus at all times (this includes the first day of school). Bus Passes can be picked up at your child's school.


During school start up, all bus passes will be delivered to schools one week before school starts for parents to pick up to ensure they have bus passes to load and unload from the bus.


At this time, only those that have been approved through the Bus Pass Application process will receive a pass.

GPCSD is in agreement with four (4) Contractors to transport students to and from school.  Please click on our Bus Delays & Cancellations webpage to determine how your Contractor displays their delays and cancellations. 

You can review your student records by loging into the 22-23 School Bus Route Schedules to see if your pass has been issued.  Once your logged in, select Students > View My Students.  


Typically bus passes are sent to the schools within 5 business days.  During high volume processing times, it may take up to 10 business days.

We have several apps that will assist you in obtaining your school busing information during peak times of transportation inquiries. Please click on the links below for instructions to gain access to these exciting features! (For First Student & GP Charter riders only)

E-Link This transportation information portal allows Urban and Rural parents to see their bus route, times, locations. 

FirstView - Follow your child’s school bus on a map to see how far it is from your bus stop. FirstView also indicates your child bus route, stop location and times.  This is also where you can set up notifications pertaining to Bus Delays & Cancellations.

Zpass – Riders must tap the Zpass loading & unloading from the bus. The “tap on” and “tap off” system lets parents and the Division know that the child has boarded the school bus. Zpass will help us maintain daily attendance of ridership.  This is helpful for contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic or should any other emergency occur.


You may also contact our office at 780-532-3013 or First Student at 780-532-3545.

Please make sure you arrive at your bus stop 3-5 minutes prior to the approximate times.  If there is a time conflict between E-link & Firstview, go with the earliest time noted.  Downloading the FirstView app, will assist you in knowing how far the bus is away from your stop based on your unique notification you set up in your Profile and advise you of any delays and cancellations.

First Student is responsible for the seating plans for our District.  Your bus seat assignment will be available upon boarding the school bus.  Any questions regarding seating can be directed to First Student at 780-532-3545.

Masks are optional.
Buses will be sanitized 2x/day.  Hand sanitizer & masks are available on the bus upon request.
Any questions regarding masks & sanitization can be referred to First Student at 780-532-3545.
To track when your child(ren) got on and off the school bus, please download the Zpass+ app.  You will need your child’s RFID# on the back of the bus pass to add or view your child(ren)

If your child changes schools, moves to a different location, or requires different transportation needs during the school year, you will be required to complete a new bus application form.  


If you move and/or no longer require busing services, please contact our office so we can free up the seat(s), as there are currently students on waiting lists. 

The JPII/St. Joe's City Charter/Express bus is no longer operational as of June 30, 2022.