Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather and Transportation of Students


-In the case of poor weather conditions and in the event of an ALL-Cancel, the First Student Site Manager in consultation with the Transportation Coordinator (TC) will make a decision to whether or not it will be safe to transport students. Parents will be notified.

-When a bus driver decides not to operate, s/he will contact by no later than 6:00 a.m. the First Student Site Manager, who will then contact the TC. Bus drivers are responsible for ensuring that all students and parents are informed when buses will not operate due to poor weather conditions.

-If a bus is cancelled because of poor weather conditions, the TC will communicate this information immediately to the school(s) Principal and Superintendent. Schools will remain open for those students who are able to attend. The Board of Trustees supports the decision of parents who choose not to send their child to school because of safety concerns.

-In extreme weather conditions when buses are not running, the principal, in consultation with other principals in the attendance area, may recommend to the Superintendent to close the school(s). Provision shall always be made for a staff member to be at school at opening time to ensure the safety of any students who arrive at school unaware of the school closure.

-In cases where weather conditions deteriorate after the students have been transported to school, no school bus shall transport students home until after the regular dismissal time.

-If the conditions are such that it is not safe for the buses to take the rural students home, it will be the responsibility of the principal and the staff to use their school’s communication plan to alert parents to the situation and, where necessary, to arrange for local billeting of students or for their accommodation at the school.

-In the event of a school plant emergency a school closure may take effect. The Principal in will consult the Superintendent, who will make this decision.

-Each principal shall have in place and use a communication plan to inform parents, students and school staff members in the event of a school closure. Communication plans should include a provision for a fan out system to contact parents and students, including those not normally transported by school bus. In addition, the communication plan should describe a process for ensuring that public service messages about school closure are broadcast on local radio stations.