Student Registration

Online Registration Checklist:
  1. Parent and Emergency Contact Information: work and cell numbers, addresses and email addresses.
  2. Student Demographic Information (Copy of Student Birth Certificate or Citizenship Documentation) (Copy of any court orders affecting student).
  3. View School Boundaries
  4. View your School's Website
  5. Learn about Student Transportation
New Student Registration is NOW OPEN for:
  • Pre-Kindergarten, PUF Pre-Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten, Kindergarten PLUS+ (New Program)
  • Grades 1-12
  • French Immersion, Late French Immersion (Grade 5), Montessori, Integrated Fine Arts
  • Online Learning through St. John Bosco 
  • Celtic Sports Academy
  • Student Transportation for Fall 2021-2022
*Students who register for Kindergarten & Kindergarten PLUS+ will receive an exclusive "Welcome to Kindergarten" Learning Kit.


Photo Challenge for Kindergarten Families:

Once families receive their kits, they will find a special Tangram book inside. We encourage families to create the first letter of their child's name using the shapes in the book and take a photo of their child with the book.

All participants will be entered into a Kindergarten Early Bird Draw, which will take place on April 27, 2021.

All photos can be sent to us via a Facebook Message or email can't wait to see your creativity!

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Completing Registration

New Families

For new families to GPCSD, you are required to:

  • Create a SchoolEngage parent account.
  • Add your child.
  • Complete your child's online registration form. 

Current Families with GPCSD

For current GPCSD families registering (adding) a new child:

  • Sign in to your PowerSchool parent portal.
  • Click on the SchoolEngage icon.
  • Add the new child in SchoolEngage.
  • Complete your child's online registration form. 

Families Returning to GPCSD

Returning families are families who:

  1. Their children have attended a GPCSD school in previous years and
  2. Have a SchoolEngage parent account already created, but their children did not attend the last school year.

Returning families will need to reset their password for their SchoolEngage parent account. For further assistance on resetting your SchoolEngage account, please contact your school.

How to Register Offline Using the Paper Form

  • Download/Save the form to your computer or device (Click here for form)
  • The form can be filled out electronically or by hand.
  • Once the form is completed, please contact your school directly (Click here for Schools)
Click on one of the following below to go straight to the Registration Process.
  • *Please note, Registration is not complete until it has been approved by your school office. You will be contacted once it's approved.