Student Transportation

The Transportation Department is responsible for coordinating the transporting of approximately 3,475 students, in the communities of Grande Prairie Area, Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, Spirit River and Fairview. First Student provides transportation services. We also work with Peace River School Division and Peace Wapiti School Division in the rural areas to collaboratively transport an additional 375 students.
  • First Student is contracted within in the City of Grande Prairie, and various routes in the rural areas surrounding Grande Prairie, Beaverlodge, Sexsmith and Spirit River for 3,475 students.
  • Peace River School Division provides transportation services in the Fairview region for approximately 145 students.
  • Peace Wapiti School Division provides transportation services in selected Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, & Spirit River locations for approximately 185 students. 
  • City of Grande Prairie - Transit provides JPII and St. Joe's express bus service between schools and assists with transporting JPII students residing in Royal Oaks.
Contact Transportation and Maintenance Staff:
Programs we offer:
First Ride Program: Event Information (Free Program)
August 25 - 6 pm - 7 pm
St. Catherine School - Gymnasium - 12815-104 A Street
The First Ride Program is a collaboration effort between First Student, GP Catholic & GP Public. It's an awareness and safety program for parents and students who are using the school bus system for the very first time. Parents and children are presented with a school bus safety PowerPoint presentation and Q & A session. To conclude, parents and children will be taken on a short school bus ride.
Please attempt to limit one (1) parent and one (1) enrolled child.  However, we understand there may be childcare restraints for this evening.
Co-Vid Requirements
1. We can only allow 100 people including presenters/staff.
2. You will be required to fill out the COVID-19 questionnaire prior to entering the facility.
3. Masks are recommended for K-3 children but not required. For adults, masks will be required. Should you forget yours, there will be some available.
4. Hand sanitizer will be available.
5. Disinfecting wipes will not be available due to sourcing and cost. Regular wipes may be available.
6. Chairs & School Buses will be sanitized before and after event.
7. Avoid sharing or distribution of food & drink outside your family circle.
8. Families will be placed in pods with social distancing measures in the gym and in the school bus.
Check out the following sections down below for additional Transportation information.
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Bus Pass Required for Day 1
As part of our ongoing measures to help minimize the spread of COVID-19, all students requiring bus transportation (except students transported by Peace Wapiti/ Peace River) MUST have a bus pass. If you filled out an application form prior to June 30th, eligible passes are now available at the school.
At this time, only those that have filled out an application form and submitted to the transportation office for approval, will receive a pass. If you have not filled out a form please click here ( to get your application into the queue. If you filled out your application form after June 30th, we appreciate your patience as we continue processing bus passes.

How can I find out if my Bus Pass was Issued?

To see if your pass has been issued, you can login into the Urban (
Rural (

e-link portal > Select View your student > Show Basic information > Show Info fields > 20-20 Pass#.

If the 20-21 Pass# is blank, we have not processed your application form.

Where can I pick up my Bus Pass?
Please contact your school to schedule a pickup time.

Information about Bus Routes, Times, Locations, and Priority

We have several apps that will assist you in obtaining your school busing information during peak times of transportation inquiries. Please click on the links below for instructions to gain access to these exciting features!

E-Link – This transportation information portal allows Urban ( and Rural ( parents to see their bus route, times, locations, priority and if you have been issued a 20-21 pass.

FirstView ( – Follow your child’s bus on a map to see how far it is from your bus stop. FirstView also indicates your child bus route, stop location and times.

Zpass ( – Riders must tap the Zpass in the bus. The “tap on” and “tap off” system lets parents and the Division know that your child has boarded the school bus. Zpass will help us maintain daily attendance of ridership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can I still apply for a Bus Pass?

Due to COVID-19 measures, we are currently processing students by priority as seating is limited. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis for P2’s & P3’s.

If you no longer require transportation services please contact our office through email or phone (780-532-3013) so we may provide availability for other students.

• Priority 1 (P1):
o Grades K-3 students living 1.7 km or more from their resident school (including Immersion)
o Grades 4-12 students living 2.4 km or more from their resident school (including Immersion)
o Students that are required to cross a safety arterial road (60km/h+) to their resident school (including Immersion).

• Priority 2 (P2):
o Grades K-12 students attending Montessori or Celtic Academy that meet the distance requirements above where routing connections can be made.

• Priority 3 (P3):
o K-12 students living less than 1.7/ 2.4 km from their resident school or school of choice where routing connections can be made.

Please know it may take up to 10 business days before we can process your application. In the interim, may we suggest that you plan for alternate transportation arrangements until we contact you that seating or busing becomes available or log into the Urban or Rural e-link transportation portal to check your status (20-21 Pass# has been entered).

Will the First Student Yellow bus be operational? Yes. You must register with us prior to the end of June.  Applications will still be accepted after June, however seating may not be available to everyone based on availability.  Students will be assigned to a specific seat (a seating plan will be in place) and to a specific bus. Students must scan their bus pass, sanitize, and remain socially distant from the bus driver and one another. If a student fails to adhere to bus rules, they will lose their privilege to ride the bus. Masks are not required, but parents will need to refer to a co-vid health checklist prior to placing their child on the bus. Normal passenger loads are in force.
Buses will be sanitized 2x/day, after the morning route and after the afternoon route.

Will the JPII/ St. Joe’s City bus transfer be operational? Yes, with the same requirements as above. 40 passenger loads are in force.

Can I drive my child to school? Yes, but there will be a school-specific plan for dropping off your child and the entrance your child must use to enter the building. Parents cannot come into the school unless they have a scheduled appointment.  Contact your School for more details.

Grades K-3 and Grades 4-12 Eligibility (includes French Immersion)

All students riding on a First Student Urban or First Student Rural bus are required to have a current school year bus pass. A bus pass is free for a child in:

  • Grade K-3 residing 1.7 km or more from their designated school*
  • Grades 4-12 residing 2.4 km or more from their designated school*
  • Any Grade that meets the major arterial roadway eligibility.
*See School Boundaries


Major Arterial Roadways Eligibility

Students will also be transported for free (Kindergarten – 12) if they must cross a major arterial road. A major arterial road is defined as 132nd Avenue, 116th Avenue, Wapiti and others over 50km. Please call the Transportation office to determine if you are eligible for free transportation.


Out-of-Boundary (School of Choice) Eligibility

The Board supports that parents can make a choice to attend a non-designated school, however the Board may not guarantee transportation to the non-designated school or the focus school (Celtic, Montessori). Out-of-Boundary or School of Choice (SOC) students may access busing for a fee from an existing stop, if there is room on the bus. The fee ($320) has been waived for 2020-2021 is to be paid in full for the entire school year prior to the student receiving their bus pass. An online payment system will be in place during the summer of 2020.


Parents are responsible for payment of the bus pass until the bus pass is handed back in to the Transportation Office. If your child is not riding the bus, please send their bus pass in as soon as possible so more charges are not incurred.


Pre-Kindergarten Eligibility

Parents with children in Pre-Kindergarten are required to transport their child to a Pre-Kindergarten program unless student transportation is designated by the Supervisor of Early Learning and the child is eligible.


Aug 19, 2020 - NEW UPDATE
Parent App:  The parent app will be available after August 26 to re-add your child(ren). See the FirstView Parent App instructions in the menu bar to the right for more details on setup. 
If our school board is not available in the listing, the app is not available yet for child activation.
Get active updates and track your child's school bus on a map. 
Create custom notifications and follow your child's bus route.
(App is now working for students involved in a transfer!)
See FirstView App Parent Letter Jan 2020, on the upper right hand menu,  for more information.
Download the App here: First View Bus Tracking App
Can also be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Click down below
Know instantly where and when your child entered and exited the school bus with ZPass+.  Have comfort knowing your child is safe.
To ensure safety of all students transported by First Student, please have your pass available for tapping prior to loading & unloading the school bus.  This will help track attendance should a safety concern arise on that particular trip. 
Method #1 Complete Application
Step #1: Complete pdf Bus Pass Application 20-21 below.  Ensure you save to computer first, so it does not get submitted blank.
Method #2 Complete Application in SchoolEngage
Step #1: Login to your SchoolEngage account and select the Bus Pass Application form.
Step #2: Fill in each section of the online form, save and submit.