Interested in pursuing a career as a teacher or support staff member?


We advertise all of our openings on Education Canada's Website. All applications must be submitted to the Catholic Education Centre and not the individual schools. Or click the image down below



Teachers are required to be Certified in order to Teach in Alberta

Learn how to obtain:


To apply for a teaching position, email: [email protected]

  • A College Certificate in Catholic Education from St. Joseph College is a hiring asset.  


Teaching Quality Standard (TQS):

  • A teacher builds positive and productive relationships with students, parents/guardians, peers and others in the school and local community to support student learning.
  • A teacher engages in career-long professional learning and on-going critical reflection to improve teaching and learning.
  • A teacher applies a current and comprehensive repertoire of effective planning, instruction and assessment practices to meet the learning needs of every student.
  • A teacher establishes, promotes and sustains inclusive learning environments where diversity is embraced and every student is welcomed, cared for, respected and safe.
  • A teacher develops and applies foundational knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit for the benefit of all students.
  • A teacher demonstrates an understanding of and adherence to the legal frameworks and policies that provide the foundations for the Alberta Education system.

A Police Information Check and Intervention Record Check are requirements of all applicants.

Needed Forms: