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The government grants financial assistance to school divisions for student transportation within designated boundaries, exclusively pertaining to a child's primary address. Requests for an additional location or for traversing zone limits may be accommodated by securing a bus pass, subject to route availability and bus capacity, which will incur a fee.
To find out if you qualify for a bus pass, free or paid, please  click here.
Fees are charged from the month the bus pass was printed to the end of the school year. Bus Pass fees for most students will be reflected in your fall school fee statement. Please note that unpaid bus pass fees will result in pass deactivation after the September grace period is over. Those who have moved away are requested to contact the Transportation office.
Out of Attendance Area   $320.00 / child
Out of District Boundary    $320.00 / child

All secondary addresses and Student requiring an additional drop off/pickup location

  $320.00 / child (NEW for 2023-2024)
Bus Pass Replacement Fee       $5.00 / reprint




Transportation Fees are charged when applying for a bus pass in the following situations:

  • a School of Choice outside your neighborhood boundary
  • a Program of Choice (Montessori, Fine Arts, STEM or Celtic Academies where the child does not reside within the attendance area for regular programming) or one of our schools, residing outside our District Boundaries
NOTE: When purchasing a bus pass please note the following stipulations:
  • Only available if there is an existing route in place
  • Only available if there is space on the bus. The pass may become unavailable during the year if the spot is needed by an in-boundary student
  • The child may have to access a bus stop beyond the typical threshold of 750 meters that is planned for in-boundary students
  • Purchase Is typically not permitted when a student does not meet the minimum distance requirements for bussing (Minimum distance of 1.7 km (K-3) and 2.4 km (4-12) from the school. Example: A child in grade 2 lives only 1.2 km away
Examples of Out-Of-Boundary Bus Pass Purchases: 
  • If you live outside the Mother Teresa regular attendance boundary, you will be charged an Out of Boundary Transportation Fee to attend the Montessori Program
  • If you live outside your neighborhood attendance boundary to attend a Celtic Academy program, you will be charged an Out of Attendance Area Transportation Fee
  • If you choose to attend any other school besides the one you are zoned for, you will be charged an Out of Attendance Area Transportation Fee
  • If you reside outside our District Boundaries, you will be charged an Out of District Boundary Transportation Fee
Examples of Secondary Addresses and Student requiring an additional drop off/pickup location: 
  • If your child has a secondary address, such as a parent's home, a grandparent's residence, a day home, or a location other than the student's Home/Primay Address bussing may be available for a fee.  Approval for secondary or additional pickup/dropoff locations is dependent if an existing route is in place and only if there is space available.
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