Kindergarten PLUS+ Registration

Kindergarten PLUS+ is Monday through Friday,
All Day, Every Day Kindergarten.

New student registration for Fall 2021-2022 is NOW OPEN!


Eligibility and Registration:

  • Your child must be five years of age by December 31 of the school year.
  • $350 per month Program Fee 
Check out the Kindergarten PLUS+ Pilot Program Announcement down below!
Programming Options:
School Websites:
Completing Registration

New Families

For new families to GPCSD, you are required to:

  • Create a SchoolEngage parent account.
  • Add your child.
  • Complete your child's online registration form.

Current Families with GPCSD

For current GPCSD families registering (adding) a new child:

  • Sign in to your PowerSchool parent portal.
  • Click on the SchoolEngage icon.
  • Add the new child in SchoolEngage.
  • Complete your child's online registration form.

Families Returning to GPCSD

Returning families are families who:

  1. Their children have attended a GPCSD school in previous years and
  2. Have a SchoolEngage parent account already created, but their children did not attend the last school year.

Returning families will need to reset their password for their SchoolEngage parent account. For further assistance on resetting your SchoolEngage account, please contact your school.

How to Register Offline Using the Paper Form

  • Download/Save the form to your computer or device (Click here for form)
  • The form can be filled out electronically or by hand.
  • Once the form is completed, please contact your school directly (Click here for Schools)
Click on one of the following to go straight to the Registration Process.
  • *Please note, Registration is not complete until it has been approved by your school office. You will be contacted once it's approved.

EXPAND your child’s potential.

EXTEND your child’s learning.

STRENGTHENS your child’s skills.


What is Kindergarten PLUS+?

Kindergarten PLUS+ is our new enhanced Kindergarten program, which delivers a M-F experience by doubling the number of hours a child can attend.

It allows your child to attend school for a full day, every day.


How is Kindergarten PLUS+ different from Kindergarten?

Kindergarten PLUS+ is an additional program that children attend over and above the regular Kindergarten program. It will be offered opposite your child’s regular Kindergarten program.

Children attend their Kindergarten program with their teacher, and attend the additional programming with the Kindergarten PLUS+ Instructor and Assistant.


How will the program benefit my child?

Kindergarten PLUS+ offers a multitude of activities that promote a child’s growth and development, and will complement and enrich the instruction that children receive in their regular classes.

The extra program hours each week provide expanded opportunities to reinforce skills that students learn during their kindergarten day. Educators have greater capacity to expand on topics of interest to further extend the child’s learning.

The M-F Kindergarten PLUS+ program will minimize transitions and provide a consistent routine between home and school.


Is there a cost?

Yes, Kindergarten PLUS+ is a user-pay Kindergarten experience that provides children with double the number of hours they can attend school.

The program fee is $350 per month.


What types of activities will my child do in the Kindergarten PLUS+ program?

In Kindergarten PLUS+ children will learn through hands-on, playful, multi-sensory activities. Over the week, activities that support your child's development in each of the key domains will be provided:

Creative Development - - Social Development - - Physical Development

Emotional Development - - Intellectual Development - - Spiritual Development


Can my child ride the bus?

If your child is eligible for bus transportation to their regular kindergarten program, they would also be able to ride the bus for the Kindergarten PLUS+ program. Children can ride the bus in the morning and again at the end of the day.

Can my child attend one school for Kindergarten and another school for Kindergarten PLUS?
Kindergarten PLUS+ is designed to be an extension and enhancement of the Kindergarten program for students at St. Gerard, Mother Teresa, St. Catherine and St. Mary's Sexsmith. Your child should attend the school where Kindergarten PLUS+ is offered in order to participate in the program. However, we will take the names of out of boundary families who are interested. Please contact the school office to speak with staff about your interest in the program. 
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