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Our intent is to provide a quality Catholic education by strengthening the professional lives of staff, to improve the learning outcomes of each student, within a Catholic faith community. Grande Prairie & District Catholic Schools promotes the work of the Church, the formation of the individual, and the good of society through learning.


Learning is improved more by quality teaching than any other school-based factor. Learning together builds the capacity of teachers and directly contributes to improving their professional lives together.

List of Division Schools

Catholic Schools are Faith-Based and Founded

on Catholic Values

Catholic Schools are first and foremost here to offer families a quality and accessible faith-based education for their children. Catholic Schools serve as a part of their local parish and Gospel Values underpin part of everyday life with students learning what it is to be welcoming, just and socially aware. Christ is visible in all areas of learning and teaching, ensuring students develop their full human potential and are well placed to contribute to society in a meaningful way. 

Parents as Partners

Building a warm and welcoming community is extremely important in every Catholic School. We work in partnership with parents and caregivers to provide holistic education programs for our students. Catholic Schools recognize the family as each child's most influential educator and actively partner with parents and caregivers, encouraging open communications and supportive learning environments.
Parents are actively encouraged to assist wherever possible and make significant contributions in terms of classroom support, working bees, open days and orientation programs. Demonstrate to your children that volunteering is a good thing. Every single one of us can help in a small or large capacity. The more, the lighter the burden, the bigger the cheer squad for each other in our walk together. 

School Councils

School councils play an important supportive and guidance role in the overall operation of schools and the Division. All school stakeholders have a joint responsibility towards creating and maintaining the professional relationships and Catholic identity that must exist in order to serve students properly.

Student Code of Conduct

The following document details the expectations and student code of conduct for Grande Prairie & District Catholic School students, in accordance to the Alberta Education Act 2019.