Off-Campus Learning at GPCSD


Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools off-campus education programs provides opportunities for junior and senior high school students to explore and expand their career interests, skills and knowledge related to work and other life roles.

These programs allow junior and senior high school students to investigate a variety of career opportunities. They also allow senior high school students to gain practical experience as they apply and expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes in contexts that will assist them in making wise decisions regarding their future education, training and employment upon leaving senior high school and allow for the smooth transition from school to work and/or post-secondary institutions.

At Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools, we believe that providing students with many learner and career pathway opportunities while they are in high school allows students to explore their future possibilities now. These types of opportunities lead to students experiencing real life looks at the world of careers and work beyond high school.

Four different opportunities! Which one is right for you?


1. Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)


2. Student Work Experience


3. Dual Credit Programs


4. Youth Internship Incentive Programs


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