Board News

What is Board News?
Board News highlights information and actions that emerge from the most recent Board Meeting. Accompanying the Board News is the Superintendent News, highlighting information that may be of importance to parents and/or staff. Each edition of Board News from the past year can be found here.
Regular Board Meetings
The role of the Board of Trustees is to provide governance leadership and servant leadership to the electors and the students. At the Regular Board Meetings, decisions are made on matters impacting the Strategic Plan, Annual Work Plan, Finances, Property, certain Educational Focus Programs, Catholic Education, the District Three Year Plan, and the Annual Education Results Report. Regular Board Meetings are open to the public. Board Meeting Agendas are posted in advance and minutes are available on the web or by contacting the Board Office at (780) 532-3013. The GPCSD Board News summarizes each Regular Board Meeting and is released the following day.