Numeracy in GPCSD

Numeracy Practices in GPCSD

  • The 7 Mathematical Processes are the content areas in which we deliver the specific outcomes (context area).  They include [C] Communication [PS] Problem Solving [CN] Connections [R] Reasoning [ME] Mental Mathematics and Estimation[T] Technology [V] Visualization
  • Use the Alberta Program of studies to design learning activities to help students find meaning and make connections.
  • Spiralling chunks of learning is an effective way to plan and creates deeper meaning when connected to other areas.
  • Use a Thinking Classroom model to help students become critical thinkers and construct own meaning. (Liljedahl)
  • Seek numeracy entry points across content areas through the use of rich tasks, open ended tasks and problem solving activities.
  • Create wonder and curiosity with students.  Get students talking about math and how they see it.  Learning is a social process by which we make sense of the context areas. 
  • Eliminate speed as a factor.  Focus on fluency, accuracy and efficiency of knowledge, as well as vocabulary, instead of rote memorization. 
  • Create a safe space for learning, where students are encouraged to share, discuss, and take risks.