Google Apps for Education

What is Google APPS for Education? How do I access my EDU Google Account?

Click here and learn more about Google APPS for Education and how to access your EDU Google Account.
Google DOCS:
What is Google DOCS? With Google DOCS you can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. Need to edit a document that you created on your computer or in a lab? With Google Docs, you can upload many popular file formats from programs like: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Exel, Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice Writer and  OpenOffice Calc. Share your documents with others to collaborate on group projects using a familiar editing toolbars. When you are finished, save a copy online and or save it onto your computer.

How to Create a Google Docs Form  UseGoogle Docs Forms to create a quiz and post it on your blog or website. All of answers submitted by students will appear in an easy-to grade spreadsheet. Using Google Docs Forms, teachers and students can create surveys. Surveys can be embedded into a blog or website. All responses will appear in a spreadsheet. After all responses are collected users can choose from a variety of summation tools built into Google Docs Spreadsheets. The summation tools will create graphs of the survey responses.

How to Create a Google Group


(A Google Group is an online environment for discussing items related to a specific subject such as “Summarization Tips”. A group can contain multiple topics. Topics are different discussions related to the group's subject. Topics can contain multiple posts. Posts are replies from readers to the topic. Use Google Groups to:
  1. ​Engage students in discussions about a specific subject.
  2. Create a “Question of the day or week” and have students explain their responses.
  3. Post reminders about important due dates.
  4. Hold open forum with parents, teachers, and/or other stakeholders.
  5. Share resources between teachers.

​There are two types of Google Groups user roles: Participants and administrators. Participants subscribe to groups and participate in group discussions. Administrators create new groups and manage group members, discussions, and other settings. A role's permissions determine what a user can do within a group.

How to Create a Blog using Blogger