Talking Points

What are Talking Points?
Talking Points are Division specific documents developed in-house, to communicate critical information for students, staff, parents and community members in our schools. Talking Points are updated and developed throughout the school year to better assist our community of schools. 
Talking Point 7: (September 28)
A brief summary of the Government of Canada Safe Return to School Funding's allocation within the school Division.
Talking Point 6: (September 24)

Defines the programming and instruction that will be provided to 3 and 4-year-old children within the PUF Pre-Kindergarten program who are not able to attend a school-based program this school year.


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Talking Point 5: (October 13)
This flow chart was developed to assist parents in navigating the onset of COVID-19 symptoms and how best to proceed forward.
Talking Point 4: (September 17)
Highlights the various school programming options available for GPCSD families for the 2020-2021 school year, including: in-school learning, online learning through St. John Bosco and Home Education.
Talking Point 3: (September 17)
Highlights important Re-Entry protocols and procedures like: student transportation, wearing masks at school, physical distancing and if there was a COVID-19 case at the school level.
Talking Point 2: (September 11)
Highlights the requirements and expectations of students and families if they want to transition to an Online Learning environment through GPCSD. 
Talking Point 1: (August 12)
Highlights 12 pieces of information that assisted families in preparing for the first day of school on September 1, including: using the AHS Self-Assessment Tool, Supporting Student Mental Health, Student Transportation, Drop off/Pick up at School, Parent Information, Responding to Illness at school, Students with Pre-Existing Health Conditions, Hand Washing and Sanitization, Food Services, Outdoor Education & MyHealth Records.