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Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?

High school students earn both high school and college credits for the same course. Generally, this means a college credit course taught by a college instructor with the involvement of a secondary school teacher and successfully completed by a high school student enrolled in a School District that has an agreement with an Alberta University or College. The credits earned count as credit toward a student’s high school diploma or certificate and post-secondary credits that are recorded on their post-secondary transcript. Students will receive a transcript from each institution upon the completion of the course or term.

Why Dual Credit?

Participating in dual-credit enables a student to make incremental progress toward their college program before finishing high school. Research indicates a number of benefits for students in dual credit programs, including increases in student attendance, student engagement and achievement, and career and life goal setting.
Dual credit is not possible in all College courses and programs. Details about courses and programs that are available for dual credit are provided through your high school, usually in May for courses that start in September, and in September for second semester courses.

What does it cost to enroll?

Each School District will charge a $300 caution fee to enroll, refundable upon successful completion. Please see your councilor for the particulars of your school. Students are expected to pay the one-time $70 application fee upon the first time they apply to GPRC if the course is offered at GPRC.

Who is eligible for Dual Credit?

Generally, students in grades 11 and 12 are able to apply for dual credit courses. Your school’s Guidance Councilor will assist you to determine if there is a dual credit course or program that fits your interests and schedule.

Dual Credit Program Options (GPRC & Northern Lights College)

List of Dual Credit Programing & Important Deadlines

Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC)

Grande Prairie Regional College offers many Dual-Credit course locally. These are individual courses that can implant the qualities and standards that are required of a college level course, before getting to college.

GPRC Course & Program Availability

Refer to the GPRC site to determine course schedules and availability.

Northern Lakes College (NLC)

Partnering with NLC for Dual Credit has increased the number of programs and opportunities we can provide to students. Although these course are primarily delivered online, each program has the opportunity for practicums/internships and/or off-campus lab work. These programs require hard work and dedication and are intended for students in Gr. 11-12.

Northern Lakes College, Course & Program Availability

Refer to the NLC site to determine course schedules and availability