The Way of Light: Stations of the Resurrection

Welcome to the Way of Light Page! We pray you are able to participate in this journey!
The way of light (also called the Stations of the Resurrection) is a prayer that has a format similar to the Stations of the cross. Like the Stations of the Cross the Way of light also has 14 stations, however, the Way of Light stations follow events between the Resurrection and Pentecost. 
We have planned a Grande Prairie wide Way of Light that can be done in the safety of your vehicle. The 14 stations are at all of our schools in Grande Prairie as well as St. Joseph Parish, the Archdiocesan office and the District Head Office. There are banners placed at each school that help identify the station the are at, however, being able to visually see these banners is not necessary to partake in the prayer. 
There is also an optional soundtrack to accompany you on the journey. These songs where chosen to enhance your prayer and further reflect on the station you just left. The list of songs are located in the booklet and also in the right hand navigation on this page. 
In order to participate in the Stations of the Resurrection you will need to use the Way of Light Booklet. It can be downloaded or you can open it up via the district website. If you would like a colour copy of the booklet printed for you please contact or call 780-532-3013 to arrange for safe pickup. 
The Stations follow a specific route that takes participants from location to location. The order of locations is listed in the booklet. There are some reminders and suggestions we would like you to keep in mind before embarking on the city wide Stations of the Light. 
We pray this is a prayerful time for you and your family. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Laura Tapson at or at the office