Professional Development for Faith

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Modules: Big Ideas in Religious Education 
This is a wonderful opportunity to grow in your faith and understanding of Catholicism, in addition, they offer specific ideas on how to assist your students in their understanding. All of these are available through the Growing in Faith Growing in Christ Digital Platform. If you have any questions please contact Laura Tapson. 


This five-module online course explores these topics in Religious Education: The Liturgical Year, The New Evangelization, Sacred Scripture, The Creed, and The Six Tasks of Catechesis. The modules can be viewed in any order. Each module has an approximate seat time of one hour, excluding learning activities, which will take an additional 45 to 60 minutes. Each module is accompanied by an ejournal, a modifiable notebook that summarizes module content, gives resources for delving deeper, and provides opportunities to record reflections.


There are two options for working through these courses. 



Option 1: On your own

 If you would like to simply work through the sessions on your own please click on the image. You will be taken to a site with the modules and may begin. 









Option 2: With a Virtual Group

If you wish to work through the modules in an online group setting please click the image to register. We will be working through the modules over 5 weeks beginning when we have a minimum of 10 participants.