High School Religion Program


The three classes offered for High School Religion are:


These classes are taught using a variety of resources. The resource list can be found in the Overall Scope and Sequence Documents. All documents can be found in the High School Google Drive. Other supplementary resources are also included in the Drive.  If any questions or support is needed please contact Laura Houle-Tapson at 780-532-3013. 


High School Google Drive

Development & Peace


Development and Peace (The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace) is the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis. Part of their organization is to provide resources to teachers to use in the classroom. These resources are a wonderful way of teaching the Catholic Social Teachings and have a huge focus on Service and Social Justice. 


The resources are found in two areas on the site; Activities and Curricular Resources. The activities database has a number of different options from icebreakers to prayer services. The Curricular resources section offers lesson plans for Kindergarten to Gr 12 that have cross curricular links with Alberta outcomes in Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science. They are also available in both English and French! In addition to the Activities and Curricular Resources D & P also runs annual campaigns that come with addition activities and opportunities to engage your students in social justice! 


Development & Peace is a excellent supplementary resource for our Religion Program. Please check it out and if there are any questions contact Laura Houle-Tapson at 780-532-3013. 


Link to Activities

 Link to Curricular Resources