Choosing Catholic Education

Five Marks of a Catholic School
  • All members of our school communities are children of God and seek Him in their lives.
  • The Catholic Faith provides a framework for learning and life.
  • The Catholic Faith is permeated into our curriculum so that contemporary culture is critically evaluated in light of "The Truth".
  • Our staff witness to others a life lived in relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Our students, staff and parents are honoured as distinct and unique, while being brought together in a spirit of communion. 

Catholic Schools in Alberta

  • Catholic schools are a publicly funded, vibrant part of the public education system in Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon.
  • Catholic schools provide an environment for their students which encourages not only high academic achievement, but also person and communal spiritual formation.
  • The presence of the Catholic faith is permeated within every element of the school. Our Catholic school communities are guided by faith.
  • Catholic education has held a longstanding distinct role in Alberta’s public education system. This role existed prior to the creation of the province and then was further solidified constitutionally with the Alberta Act, 1905. Catholic education is still celebrated and continually strengthened today through Alberta’s publicly funded system.
  • Enrollment in Catholic schools has experienced a steady increase.
  • Within Catholic school communities the values of the Gospel and Catholic teachings are not only taught but they are witnessed and exemplified in action.
  • A commitment to the ethics of social justice dwells not only within the walls of the school, but also within the community. This contributes to the well-being of our larger communities. Catholic schools celebrate this nurturing and know that it makes Catholic education something special.
  • Catholic schools have become a definitive and positive choice for many families.
  • For more information on Catholic schools in Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon, please contact the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association or your local Catholic school board.