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Superintendent's Desk

Karl Germann is a teacher, advocate, administrator and leader. He believes that it is our collective mission to inspire and form people, who both believe and live out gospel values, so collectively we can create a better future for young people.

Dear families and colleagues,

Catholic Education is part of the evangelising mission of the Church. Our schools are Christ-centred learning communities who seek the highest educational outcomes for every student.


Under the leadership of our Board, Archbishop and Minister of Education, we are committed to working collaboratively with our pastor and parishes and our families in the religious and faith formation of our students and staff.


In providing a strong educational foundation for the future, we are committed to our strategic intent to improve the learning outcomes of each student and ensure our teachers have professional and rewarding working lives.


Our Strategic Plan contains specific Strategies that drive continuous improvement across every one of the schools in the division, Faith Permeation, Differentiated Instruction, Inclusive Education, Literacy, Numeracy, Indigenous Achievement, Early Learning, Supporting New Teachers and Leadership Development.


The Superintendent News is an opportunity for me to regularly comment on issues impacting on education. I invite you to read the News and contact me if you have any questions or concerns.




KarlGermann@gpcsd.ca or (780) 532-3013