Superintendent's Desk

Inspire. Create. Believe.

Dear families and colleagues,


We are blessed to offer students a Catholic world-view. As teachers prepare students to go out and transform the world in light of the Gospel, we do so in a rich permeated environment where we Inspire our students, as they Create a better future, and Believe in the  teachings taught to us by Jesus Christ. Within our schools exists great diversity, where students of all intellectual, cultural and faith backgrounds are welcome. Our faith permeates the entire life of the school.


Our teachers are committed professionals that engage students in their learning and forming them to become life long learners and critical thinkers. They are being given the knowledge, freedom, and confidence needed to reach their full potential. And we teach the values that last a lifetime, such as faith, kindness, honesty and compassion.


It is blessing to be a part of your family’s educational and faith journey.  Peace!


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As a part of each public Board Meeting I have the opportunity to regularly comment on issues impacting Education. I invite you to read the News and contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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