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Bus Pass Application Information & Forms

All students riding a First Student Urban or Rural Bus are required to have a Bus Pass. A bus pass is free if a student in Grades K-12 live 2.4 km or more from their designated school. Also, if a student lives in an area adjacent to a “major arterial roadway”, the student is also eligible for free transportation.


Parents with children in Pre-Kindergarten are required to transport their child to a Pre-Kindergarten program unless student transportation is designated by the Supervisor of Early Learning and the child is eligible.


Bus Pass Application Forms:

*Save the form onto your device prior to filling in the document otherwise it may be submitted blank.

Bus Rider Eligibility Information



Once completed, please send forms to


Please note that no payments will be taken upon application. If you are not eligible for busing, you will receive a email or phone call stating you must pay to receive a bus pass.


Bus Pass Payments:

  • Students will be charged a fee of $320 to be transported on a bus if the student is in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 and lives less than 1.7 km from their designated school.
  • Grade 4-12 and lives less than 2.4 km from their designated school.


Students will not be charged a fee to be transported on a bus if the student crosses a major arterial road to get to their designated school. Major arterial roadways are defined as:

  • Wapiti Road (Hwy 40)
  • 68th Avenue
  • 84th Avenue,
  • 92nd Street south of 100th avenue only
  • 100th Street
  • 132 Avenue
  • Southview subdivision students attending St. Kateri
  • Students living in Chelsea Villas (those crossing 102 St)
 Parents must pay for the entire school year, in full, at the Catholic Education Center, prior to the student receiving their bus pass.


How do I receive my Bus Pass?

Bus passes can be picked up at the student's school once school starts.


How do I find out my Route, Pick Up & Drop Off times?

Once your bus registration has been approved, you may contact First Student at 780-532-3545 for your child's Route, Pick up & Drop off times and Stop Location.  This may take up to 5 business days.


Lost your Bus Pass?

If a bus pass is lost or damaged in any way, the student must bring $5.00 to the school office, where a temporary pass will be issued for use, while a new permanent pass is being made.

Please phone (780) 532-3013 and ask for the Transportation Department, for more information.