Finding My Bus Stop

Eligibility Legend For Step 1
You Ride. = You are eligible for busing from the address you entered.
You do not ride. = You are NOT eligible for busing from the address you entered.
For assistance, contact our transportation office at:
Tyler's Versatrans e-link portal is intended for those that have been approved by the Student Transportation Department. 
For security purposes, you will require your child's Alberta Student Number (ASN) and their Birthdate.
ASN's are also available by logging into your child's PowerSchool account and selecting MyInformation , checking your child's report cards, contacting the Transportation Department or contacting your child's School.
Please click on the picture below:
  1. If you have not done so already you will be required to "Set up your Password Retrieval".
  2. Once you're logged into the site, Click 'Students' > 'View my Students', and select the student you would like to view.
  3. Under your child's Information there are two links you can click:
    • Show Transportation Information link - Indicates your bus routing information for the current school year.
    • Show Basic Information link:
      • Contains Other Information such as any Transportation Comments, Medical Info or Notes
      • Info Fields Show Info Fields - contains your contact information and Addressing Information as per your PowerSchool Account.  If this is incorrect, please contact your school to get it updated.
      • If you click on Show Info Fields link it indicates when you applied for busing, the date it was revised (imported) and your active Bus Pass # .  
City Transit Routes, to see if public transit works for you.
School Bus Stop Ahead – Western Safety Sign
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