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GPCSD Fall Re-Entry 2020-2021

Scenario 1
Grande Prairie & District Catholic Schools is pleased to provide the GPCSD 2020-2021 Scenario 1 Fall Re-Entry Plan. We are testing our safety procedures and protocols, prior to school opening in the Fall so we can best adapt our plans to the needs of our students and families. Implementation of this Re-Entry Plan may change based on future direction from the Chief Medical Officer of Health. This plan will be adjusted based on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities.

Option #1: Scenario 1, in school Classes resume with significantly increased health and safety measures, including daily screening, bus seating plans, physical distancing when possible, frequent hand washing, outdoor physical education, no out-of-school field trips, modified music/band programs, strict stay at home when sick requirements, and limited school visitors.

Option #2: Home Education, a program delivered completely by you the parent. It will be your responsibility to gather information, plan, deliver and evaluate your child's progress.

Option #3: We may also offer online schooling if there is sufficient interest, but you will need to enroll in online schooling for a five month period (September and February). Communication with your current school will be provided and maintained, but you will not be able to participate in school based activities. Multi grade classrooms may be a reality.
First Day of School for Elementary Schools is Sept. 1 (Aug. 31 for St. Thomas More).
St. Joseph and St. John Paul II Catholic School / Faculté St. Jean-Paul II Staggered Entry
  • Sept. 1 Grades 8 & 9 only
  • Sept. 2 Grades 10-12 only
  • Sept. 3 All Grades in class



GPCSD Online Learning Hub

As a school District we understand the start to the 2020-2021 school year will look different because of the interest, needs and choices families are making in the best interests of their children.  We thank you for patience, support and understanding as we work to accommodate students and their learning.


The GPCSD Online Learning Hub is a learning approach that is being created for the 2020-2021 school year for families choosing to have their children remain at home due to COVID concerns while in-school classes have resumed.


Students will still remain registered at their home schools while receiving course instruction through a format of online instruction and independent work.  This learning approach will require parent involvement and assistance. Students will be supported by specific teachers assigned to the hub through the use of Hapara platform and supplemented with google classroom. Instruction will be provided through real-time, on-line teacher instruction with all students registered in the hub class.



The Online Learning Hub will require all student to meet the outcomes in the Program of Studies.


Grade 1-6 students will be taught by generalists and the curriculum for Religion, English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Wellness along with Music and Art integrated.


Grades 7-9 students will be taught by grade specific teachers. Religion, Science, Math, English Language Arts and Social Studies will be offered as well as Physical Education, Health and Wellness, while Fine Arts opportunities (Art and Drama) will be integrated.


High School will offer courses in Religion, Sciences, Math, English Language Arts and Social Studies, as well as Physical Education 10 and CALM. Courses offered will be based on student demand. Complementary courses offered will be based on student demand and available space and resources.



The GPCSD Online Learning Hub is not available to Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.




Parents have between Aug. 17 and 24 to register their children with the GPCSD Online Learning Hub. Registration for the GPCSD Online Learning Hub will close at 4:00 p.m. on Aug. 24. Registration will begin Aug. 17, details to come in near future. By August 28, parents will receive an email confirming receipt of their registration form.​

It will be important to have all registrations by the deadline so we can be ready with teachers and resources for the students who will be in schools and those learning from home. Families must be committed to the choice they make for their children as transiti​oning back to school can only occur in ​February.​

After a hub class has been created, a teacher will be assigned to the class and students will be supported through the technology platform called Hapara. Parents may request to move their child from hub back to their school for Feb. 1. The request needs to be made in writing to the school principal by Jan. 8. This commitment to delivery through in-school or the hub approach allows for teachers to be assigned their classes (in school or Hub) and to provide high quality consistent instruction with students.


GPCSD Online Learning Hub Description

Real-time online learning is scheduled by the teacher for all students registered in the hub class together with the teacher. Students must be available for the following real-time learning time:


  • Grades 1-6: 5-6 hours per week
  • Grades 7-9: 5-7 hours per week
  • Grades 10-12:  Anticipate two hours per week per course.


There will be a possibility of pre-recorded videos made available by the teacher to the students to access through Hapara. The videos provide additional instruction to facilitate both real-time online learning and independent work.


Independent work through student assignments will reflect the learning for each subject curriculum as identified by Alberta Education. The assignments may not be identical to the work of their peers in the classroom, but the work will address the same learning outcomes.


  • Grades 1-6 approximately 3 hours daily
  • Grades 7-9 approximately 4 hours or 1 hour per course daily​
  • Grades 10-12 approximately 1-2 hour ​per course daily


​Parent/Guardian learning support is required and will depend on the age of the student and individual ability to work independently. The hub approach relies on parents/guardians to ensure the child is engaging with the learning and completing the assignments. Parents/guardians should consider the learning nature of their child, their level of independence as learners, and the availability of parents/guardians to provide support when accessing this temporary approach to instruction.​


*Technology requirements: students and families will need an Internet connection and a laptop, computer or Chrome notebook are required.

Classes Offered
Mandatory Classes*
 Religion, Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Wellness.
Art and Music will be integrated within the core subjects.
Religion, Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Wellness.
Fine Arts (Art and Drama will be integrated with core subjects)
Religion, Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education 10, CALM
Limited complementary courses will be offered based on student demand and space and resources. 

*Due to the complexities of course delivery and available resources, French Immersion  will be the only Alternative Programs offered through hub learning. These courses will run dependent on student demand.


GPCSD Online Learning Hub and other Online home options:


GPCSD Online Learning Hub Approach

Students registered with hub remain registered at their home school and connected to their school community. Grades 1-12 offered. Students remain enrolled at home school so enrollment in hub is not limited. Instruction provided through real-time teacher instruction and independent student learning time. Parent support required.


Home Education

The GPCSD Online Learning Hub approach is not the same as home education as defined by the Home Education Regulation within the Education Act. If a family chooses home education, there are different providers within the province who work with parents to deliver the learning, parents are required to plan, assess and seek out resources. GPCSD will assist families with some expenses as per Administrative Procedures. This program has a high degree of flexibility.

Message from Board Chair & Superintendent of Schools

We are pleased to share the good news that schools across our division will return to near normal operations with health measures at the beginning of the new school year, which is scenario one of the re-entry plan.
We would like to thank everyone for your continuing work to prepare for the upcoming school year. I am confident schools will be ready to once again welcome students into the classrooms.
Health officials continue to evaluate public health practices in other jurisdictions that have returned to school earlier and will update the health guidance if necessary.

We are also making arrangements, if the need arises at any point during the school year, to transition to partial in-school learning or at home learning. Any decision to transition will be made by the government based on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health or local Medical Officer of Health while working with the impacted school authority.

As part of Alberta Education’s commitment in the re-entry plan to bolster online resources, they have launched a new Student Learning Hub on It is available for parents, students, and teachers to more easily access educational materials to support development of student literacy and numeracy, and provides health and wellness information.

Everyone has a role to play to keep students and staff safe. To help prepare for the new school year we have an online toolkit including school posters, videos, guides for parents and resources for schools in various languages. Please share with your school community.

Resources and printable material are available on
Track the current number of active COVID-19 Cases in Alberta