Germann, Karl - Superintendent of Schools
Miller, Greg - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Shirley, Jessie - Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Executive Assistant
Dettling, Violet - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Joyall, Monica - CEC Secretary
Moffat, Brenda - CEC Secretary
Carrell, Clint - Information Systems Administrator
Tolentino, Arlene - Information Systems Assistant Administrator
Arellano, James - IT Technician
Camba, Norman - IT Technician
Goodliffe, Neil - IT Technician
Lester, Randy - Supervisor of Transportation and Custodians
Stepaniuk, Shawna - Secretary/ADS
Gerk, Ellen - Sub Dispatch Services
Human Resources
Juniper, Julie - Human Resources Officer
Dooley, John - Maintenance Supervisor
Cardinal, Leo - Maintenance Personnel
Clarke, Steven - Maintenance Personnel
Lavalley, Greg - Maintenance Personnel
Mcarthur, Cameron - Maintenance Personnel
Education Leadership
Beaudet, Linda - District Principal of French Immersion
Burdess, Alicia - Lead Teacher, Numeracy
Hair, Michelle - Lead Teacher, Literarcy
McDonald, Rochelle - Instructional Coach
Napier, Chantel - Lead Teacher, Early Intervention
OLeary, Danny - Instructional Coach
Tapson, Laura - Faith Life and Religious Education Lead Teacher
Student Records
Sass, Kerrie - Student Information Officer
Inclusive Services
Ruel, Pauline - Director of Inclusive Education
Nestibo, Chelsea - Secretary Treasurer
Macmullin, Nicole - Director of Finance
Martin, Hanan - Accounting Technician
Morgan, Brooke - Accounting Clerk
Payroll and Finance
Clarke, Christine - Payroll Clerk
Krahn, Sandy - Payroll Officer
Tremblay, Adam - Communications and Marketing Officer