Do I need to be Catholic? Is there Tuition?

All of our schools are inclusive and welcoming communities. We both welcome & respect all religious beliefs.

You do not need to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school. Approximately 20% of our families are from a variety of faiths/ beliefs and attend a Catholic school because they believe that the morals and values taught by Christian & Catholic teachers will help their children become better versions of themselves. Living inside a Christian Catholic framework allows many families to strengthen their own values and beliefs.

Catholic schools are also well-known for their attention to academic excellence. While we meet the diverse learning needs of all of our student, we also believe that a faith-based education is enhanced with academic rigor.

We ask that families that are not of the Catholic faith set up a time to meet with the principal to ensure that you will be comfortable in our schools. You may be surprised how your values and our Christian values align!

In Alberta all Catholic schools are fully funded and open to all. Tuition is not charged and we provde yellow bus-based transportation services for rural and urban students. Join us for a high quality educational experience, fully funded and certified by Alberta Education with an Alberta Diploma!