Scholarship Information

Superintendent's Scholarship (~$25,000 annually)

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage students to acquire more credits during their high school years. In addition to increased credit attainment, the scholarship will provide an opportunity for scholarships to students who may not meet the academic level for other scholarships but demonstrate strong work ethic and character.

This scholarship would be paid directly to the student rather than a post-secondary institution, and it will not be awarded until the fall of the graduating year when students' marks are submitted to the District office by the student. Therefore the scholarship would not be awarded at the May or June High School Graduation ceremonies.

In an effort to celebrate student achievements, the Superintendent's Schoalrship will reward students who achieve 120+ credits during their high school career. Scholarships will be awarded based on the following grid:
Credits Earned Scholarship Amount
120 to 129 $500
130 to 139 $750
140+ $1,000

Contact your high school Guidance Counsellor for more information.

Superintendent's Scholarship Application

Education Foundation

Our Foundation provides a wide variety of scholarships to our students.  More information about the scholarships can be found at the Foundation's web site.

Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)

The ALIS site contains a host of information to help you plan a career, apply for student loans, obtain information about scholarships, or find a job.


ATA Scholarships

Four Scholarships are awarded by the Grande Prairie and District Catholic ATA Local #42 to reward students who have achieved both academic and extra-curricular success in their school careers.

Applicants must be a daughter or son of an active member from Grande Prairie and District Catholic Local #42.

See the documents below for scholarship guidelines and application.