Literacy Services

Literacy is more than the ability to read and write. It involves the knowledge skills and abilities-the competencies that enable individuals to think critically, communicate effectively, deal with change and solve problems in a variety of contexts to achieve their personal goals, develop their knowledge and potential and participate fully in society.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Literacy First: A Plan for Action 2010


Teachers may choose to visit literacy site

Over the last few years, our district has focused on projects aimed to inform practice. Four Action research projects have enabled teachers to create focused action plans on struggling readers in their classes. These interventions were specific to the needs of early learners and within a short time frame, many students were brought at or close to reading level.New teacher instruction on literacy has given information on strategies for instruction in reading and word study along with planning. New teacher visits are ongoing and provide a guided approach to undertanding the needs of readers of all abilities and potential. Bootcamps for division 2 teachers as well as principals in our district have been geared toward providing instructional leadership in literacy, building a solid literacy foundation and then going deeper into reading, comprehension instruction and vocabulary study. ELL students comprise a growing population in our district. With sessions aimed at understanding cultural differrences and the importance of oral language development, CST's are learning the scaffolds necessary to provide support for these new students.