On this page you will find frequent updates related current happenings in our world, as well as resources for our Catholic Liturgical Calendar. If you have suggestions or comments please contact Laura Tapson. 


Interactive Children’s Advent Calendar

  • This Web Calendar has images for each day of Advent to remind students to do something each day that shares the meaning of the season. Would be a great to have on the smartboard each morning.

Powerpoint Advent Calendar + other resources

  • The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) created a PowerPoint advent calendar that focuses on the current refugee crisis and includes stories and activities to help children learn about and pray for refuges.

Lesson Plan Grades 1 - 3

  • Helps Children to identify Advent as a time of preparation for Christmas and to describe ways to prepare for Christ's coming through prayer and good deeds (includes handouts).

Lesson Plan Grades 4 – 6

  • Describes when the liturgical year begins and describes Advent as a time to learn to wait in hope for the risen Jesus to come in glory (includes handouts).

Lesson Plan Grades 7 – 8

  • Describe various images used by the Jewish people to symbolize the coming of the Messiah, it also shows an understanding of the different ways our celebration of Advent can express Christian Hope (includes handouts).

Classroom Advent Activities

  • Great list of activities, each one is laid out very well and easy to understand and implement 

The Jesse Tree

  • Readings and symbols (ornaments) to use each day of Advent and adorn the Jesse Tree.

Arts & FaithWeek 1, Cycle B/    Week 2, Cycle B/              Week 3, Cycle B/              Week 4, Cycle B

  • Very cool way of incorporating the arts into advent. Each weeks focuses on a piece of art (video showing the art and background of artist) that reflects Sunday’s Gospel and has an accompanying activity for students to do.

Printable Advent Chain

  • Very cool daily things students can do, such as ‘Look up at the wonder of the night sky tonight and say thanks to God’ or ‘Practice singing Christmas Carols’.

Advent Bingo

  • Participants will be able to recall their liturgical experiences of Advent and deepen their understanding of the Church's celebration of this season. The focus of this center is Advent practices and symbols found in Catholic liturgy

O Antiphon Ideas

  • Great list of Crafts, Prayers, and songs that address the O Antiphons. There is also a link to information about the O Antiphons if you are unfamiliar with them. 

Other Classroom Activities

·         Isaiah Bookmark

·         A Message of Hope from Isaiah

·         Advent Observance Banner

·         An Advent Calendar for the Entire Group

·         Creating an Advent Tree of Kindness

·         Decorative Advent Cards

·         Good Deeds Chain

·         Our Jesse Tree

·         Preparing for the Birth of Jesus

·         Retelling the Story of Mary and Joseph

·         Searching for Advent

·         Welcoming Jesus Wrapping Paper

·         TV News Report