Holy Week Activities

Scroll down for a list of activities, by grade, day by day (Holy Week), and day by day Morning prayers

Station of the Cross

  • Stations for Children
    • Multimedia stations: features, images, readings, and calming music to help guide your class through the stations

Grade 6 -12

  • Art and Faith: Holy Week
    • Each day of Holy week watch a video that uses famous artwork to tell the story of that day and what it means to us as Christians. Videos are usually 3-4min long.

Palm Sunday

Holy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Easter Sunday

Grades 4 – 8

  • Stations of the Cross File Folder game.
    • Print out all the pieces and glue into a file folder, it is a board game that helps students learn the stations of the cross
  • Holy Week File Folder Game
    • Print out all the pieces and glue into a file folder, it is a board game that helps students learn the details of Holy Week
  • Holy Week Spin the Bottle Game
    • Students sit in a circle, whomever spins the bottle picks up a card and reads the question, whoever the bottle lands on answers the question.


  • The Easter Bible Story
    • Multimedia Easter story, can download it with Narration or use online. Goes through the events of Palm Sunday to Ascension
  • Clay Footprints
    • Learning Style: Art/Space/Self.
    • Requires the use of Clay for each child. Students understand what it means to be like Jesus. Focus on the Stations of the Cross.
  • Holy Week Diorama
    • Whole week activity
    • Students create a diorama of on particular station of the Cross.
  • Walk through Holy Week
    • Requires setup on your part. 4 stations, each station focus on a different aspect of Holy week.
    • Another option is to assign groups of students the stations, to create, and then invite others classes to ‘walk through Holy Week’, with your students as their guides.
  • Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet Script
    • Can be used for a puppet show or students can act it out.
  • Palm Sunday Puppet Show
    • This is a script intended for a puppet show, but it can be used for students to act out as well.
  • Three Days Puppet Show
    • Musical Script. Intended for a puppet show but it can be used for students to act out as well. Covers Holy Thursday – Easter Sunday

Morning Classroom Prayers and Discussions for Holy Week

Holy Week Day by Day Activities (adaptable for all grades)

  • Monday
    • Palm Weaving & Braiding
      • You will need to pick up enough palms for your class at the Church’s Palm Sunday service.
      • Tutorials: A variety of tutorials for a range of abilities on braiding palms.
      • Video on Palm Sunday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Activity Centers: The Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord
      • The following is a list of centers to choose from, can do all or one. A link and description are below, each link has a list of materials, any printouts needed and instructions
        • Prayer Holder Activity Center
          • The children will construct a prayer holder depicting the three crosses at Jesus' Crucifixion to encourage them to develop the habit of prayer
        • Resurrection Cross Activity Center
          • The children will create and decorate a cross as a visual reminder of Jesus' Resurrection.
        • Passion Booklet Activity Center
          • The children will make a booklet to reinforce their understanding of Jesus' passion and Resurrection
        • Gardening God's Way Activity Center
          • The children will plant seeds in a cup to take home and blossom, symbolizing the new life of the Resurrection
        • Passion Ribbon Activity Center
          • The children will color, cut out, and staple symbols of the passion in chronological order on ribbons to provide a visual representation of events of Jesus' passion and death.
        • Triduum Bracelet Activity Center
          • The children will make bracelets out of yarn of multiple colors that represent various aspects of the passion and Resurrection of Jesus