About Grande Prairie & District Catholic Schools (Our "Family")

Our website has information on current issues, Board Policies, and Administrative Procedures. We post our major documents including Budget, Audited Financial Statments, Three Year Plans, Annual Education Results Reports, Class Size Information, and Capital Plan Information. Alberta School Boards Association provides leadership for all school boards in the province. Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association provides leadership for Catholic school boards regarding Catholic education.

Regular Board Meetings
At the Regular Board Meetings, decisions are made on matters impacting the Strategic Plan, Annual Work Plan, Finances, Property, certain Educational Focus Programs, Catholic Education, the District Three Year Plan, and the Annual Education Results Report. Regular Board Meetings are open to the public. Board Meeting agendas are posted in the local paper and minutes are available on the web or by contacting the Board Office at (780) 532-3013.

School Councils
School Councils are apprised by Principals and Trustees of current issues on an ongoing basis. As a Board, we strive to meet collectively as a District School Council Liaison at least three times a year. We also province our Councils with information about our Financial Statements and Budgets.

The Board of Trustees Grande Prairie & District Catholic Schools is committed to serving our community by providing the best educational experience. As elected officials, the Board of Trustees advocates for and represents the community at municipal and provincial government levels, and works with the Church and the parent community to promote quality publicly funded Catholic education.

To this end, the Board has identified Advocacy as a priority and annually establishes a plan that will impact upon the government, Catholic school supporters, and the students in our care to strengthen publicly funded Catholic Education now and for future generations. There are many ways to advocate and many issues that require a strong voice from the Catholic community.